Failure is growth


I like mine too:



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This applies for all mistakes, misfortunes and shortcomings. They are there for a reason. They are there to help us grow. Be excited next time you fail. This is an opportunity to try things differently. Celebrate each failure. I know that that sounds funny, but who knows what might happen if you do. Give it a try and see. Say to yourself next time you make a mistake, “Oops, that didn’t work. Ha Ha, now I get to try something else. Oh, the adventure of the unknown. Let me learn it a different way.”

Laugh about things when they go wrong. Life is meant to be joyful. When you fall, get up, laugh at yourself. Be light hearted. Then with a smile walk on. Everybody fails. The question is can you do yours gracefully and with joy?


5 thoughts on “Failure is growth

      • Thank you! 🙂
        I bet you would have laughed… I did. I always think that someone could be watching and laughing… then again, who?? This place is a desert! 😀

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