12 Traits of a Healthy Family


Our family has come up with this list and have it our refrigerator. We’ve all signed it and have promised to live by its ideas. We share it with you, in hopes that it will encourage others to follow it as well. Good luck!

Each person will:

1.  Realize that you will make mistakes. Own up to them. Then be gracious to yourself, learn from them and then move on.

2.  Be considerate of each other’s feelings. Show love and concern. Listen! Listen! Listen!

3.  Have one another’s interests in mind when making a decision. Ask others for their opinions. Care about how they may feel.

4.  Show empathy. Make a difference by helping, and show your love by being there.

5.  Allow for differences of opinion. They are not bad, just because they are different.

6.  Forgive one another. Always be the first to ask for forgiveness.

7.  Work together as a team.

8.  Use the Bible to correct your shortcomings.

9.   Ask for help when you need it. We all need to be strong for each other.

10.  Be willing to talk about things when there are problems.

11.  Listen to advice from wise people.

12.  Be thankful for all God has given you. Do not complain, or bicker. Look for God’s blessings in everything. They are there.

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