Catapulted to Destiny

God’s timing is perfect. This selection was written for me, even though the author doesn’t know me. I had to pass the encouragement along. Meghan


ViewtyWe can become discouraged in life when our dreams do not come to pass when we think they should. We can want to give up on our destiny. However, the truth is the plans that God has for us will take longer than we expect, be greater than we dreamed and impact more people than we could imagine.

The Bible is full of ordinary people who prayed to an extraordinary God and saw their lives radically changed. Joseph was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery and he became second in command of all of Egypt. Esther was an orphan in a country not her own and she became queen over that country. Ruth was a widow in a strange land and she married the most sought after bachelor, Boaz. David was a shepherd who stood up to a giant and became King over Israel. Saul was the chief…

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