Preparing for Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to the Parkers and to all moms out there. The Parkers may have lost their daughter in the Sandy Hook shootings, but they have given encouragement to many through their distress. May God bless them this Mother’s Day!

I laid in the hospital bed, feeling my heart pound with excitement. Today I was going to be a mother. Today I would finally see the face of the baby I had been feeling move and kick in my body for the last nine months. My labor had progressed and the doctor had come into the room to check my dilation. It was time. The room quickly filled with nurses pulling carts of instruments and tools the doctor would need to deliver my baby. Robbie stood next to my side holding my hand with excitement.

My nurse was watching the monitor and informed me it was finally time to push. I closed my eyes and began pushing. The intense pressure built as I began to use all my energy into delivering my daughter.
“Okay, you can rest now” the nurse informed me. I took a deep breath, the contraction was…

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