Mom- A Reflection of God


I saw a t-shirt the other day that I loved. It said, “I am beautiful. It is the God in me.” I wish that I could wear that shirt in my heart and believe it. My head knows that I am doing the most important job in the world, raising my children. My brain knows that my hard work will pay off one of these days. Yet, my feet are tired, my body is exhausted. I wish that I could just reflect God’s character and just be. But it is off to another busy day.

My sink is filled with the dirty dishes that I didn’t get to last night. There are clothes to wash and clothes to put away. I must feed the children, do diapers, clean faces, stop fights, make naptime happen, sweep the floor, do the bills, go on errands, feed the kids again and get them to bed. This cycle happens everyday. It is routine, yet never predictable. Something crazy always happens.

So how can my heart stop and feel proud that I am who God wants me to be, right now? And how can I know that God is right there beside me?

I see His love in my little one smiling up at me. When I receive their hugs, God is hugging me. God says, “You are reflecting my love to them, to help them know that they are loved by me.” I am a conductor of His electric current of love and happiness. It is by sharing this beauty that I may feel it too. God wants me to stop, amid the chaos and embrace that love and then share it.

I am MOM. I am the WOW that He created me to be. I am a reflection of Him. I am beautiful, because He is in me.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Bring on the day.



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