Mom’s Are…


* The ones that stay up all night working on something you really want to have for the next day.

*  The ones who make piles of food for you and all your friends who crash over on Saturday night.

* The ones who scrimp on the things that they might want, so that you can go on that class trip.

* The ones who wipe your brow, bring you a hot water bottle and make you soup when you are sick.

*  The ones who listen to you cry and then tell you that your puffy face is beautiful.

*  The ones who pray for you, are proud of you and tell everyone they are the luckiest.

I am telling you now that I am the luckiest to have such a Mom in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all those women out there who have loved a child! I asked a little girl today what Mother’s Day was for. She said, “For Mothers to remember that they love their children.” So I ask you, go love a child today!


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