A Real Guy- Jesus


I’ve always loved this rendition of Jesus. He is real! My friend, the guy next door, the one who smiles at me at the grocery store, the one holding the door. Here he looks tired, in need of a shower. He has had a day brimming over with responsibility and irritable people. Did he have a headache today? Did he cry for that little girl before he raised her from the dead. Did he wake each morning feeling that he was a failure…if he could have stayed up a little later he could have healed more people, if he tried harder maybe people might have listened.

He must have known there was too much darkness for even his shoulders to bear. But with each wall he faced, he didn’t give up. He had to keep going. He must go on, for you.

He thanked God each step of the way. He knew that he was facing hardship for the best reason ever. One more step, dirty, achy feet. One more criticism,  thrown out of town. Unknown, unloved, no house to call a home.  He picked up the pieces each day happily exhausted for you.

You too can do it! You are not alone.  He walked the path before you to see that it is safe. He has won the victory so you don’t have to. So go ahead and accept your failures, stop chasing the hands on the clock.  The fatigue, he understands, the loneliness he lived. He is real and he smiles for you.


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