I Am- poem by my son

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I am a hospital, where people heal and grow,

Not hospice, where dying people go.

I am a farm, producing fertile soil,

Not a scammer, whose only work is to toil.

I am a museum, creating works of art,

Not a hunter, who destroys nature’s heart.

I am an engine, roaring loudly to life,

Not a war, which is always full of strife.

I am a symphony, that makes notes fly,

Not a lonely man, waiting to die.

I am a library, with history, adventure and fun,

Not a morgue, where people go after their lives are done.

I am an astronaut soaring into space,

Not a prisoner, forgotten without a trace.

I am a driller digging to the bottom of the world,

Not a bird, whose wings have never been unfurled.

I am words. I am power. I am love.

I am imagination, and everything else above.

I am your friend, so go ahead and take a look.

I am a story, I am a book!


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