The Diamond- poem by my son

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I am a diamond. I was mined from most deep.

A shovel and pick found something worth to keep.

My master, my miner moored me in his pack.

I followed him home upon his strong back.

I am a diamond. I was placed in his shed,

With other black diamonds surrounding my bed.

I waited in the cold, sparkling the best that I could,

Hoping to be noticed, sitting beside the miner’s wood.

I am a diamond, beautiful and fine.

My shimmer, cut and luster cause me to shine.

I was found with a purpose and made with much worth.

I’m patiently wondering why I was dug from the earth.

I am a diamond, waiting to bring,

A bracelet, a necklace a wedding ring,

To the miner’s wife, to be worn with love,

I am a diamond sent from above.

The miner came near. He grasped me tight.

He rolled me in his hands and held me to the light.

Speaking to me, he said, “Thank you for your role.”

Then he tossed me to the fire, for I wasn’t a diamond, but a piece of coal.

2 thoughts on “The Diamond- poem by my son

  1. Hi Meghan.

    Lovely to see you popping into WP again. It’s always so nice to see you whenever you call b, even if it isn’t often. I must admit, I’ve not been here for over a month. I’ve had a lot going on in my life but hope to write a post soon.

    I loved this poem. It’s beautifully written, and I almost wanted to cry when the diamond turned out to be a piece of coal and got chucked on the fire. How old is your son now? Tell him I think he’s got talent there.

    I’m going to read your other post now.

    Love Ellie xxx 🙂

    • Yes, Life has a way of keeping us busy. My son is 16. He is talented. I am a proud Momma. I do enjoy talking with you and reading your posts too. Wish I had more time. I am starting yet another new job, so I am consumed with learning the ropes again. Then bills, wash, cleaning, homework and supper- bed and then get up and do it all again. Writing to me is relaxing. I try to fit it in when I can. Glad you are back too.

      Love, Meghan

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