Feeling Left Out & Unloved

minionFeeling left out for a couple days. Just found out that a friend from Norway who visited my cousin and I two years ago came to visit my cousin and didn’t even tell me she was in the country.

Then I get to work yesterday and hear all my coworkers and my boss talking about going to a party together and laughing about all the good times they had. I wasnt invited.

My boss made a comment to me again how I needed to be more like the girl who was there before me.

One of my boys told me that he really didn’t care if I had gone on his eighth grade class trip, or not, only it was nice to have me buy things for him.

My other boy got into a fit this weekend swearing at me. My husband yelled at me last night.

My mother in law took my boys for the night. She adds last minute, oh I have no food in the house can you bring food? My youngest didn’t want to go. I guilted him into going. First thing when he said hi to his Grandma she reprimanded him for something silly he had done last time we were up there and told him he better not do it while he was there this time.  Feeling sorry for myself.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Left Out & Unloved

  1. Oh, Meghan. I’m so sorry all this has happened to you 😦 No wonder you feel so upset. I can’t make any excuses for any of their behaviour – It hurts to be left out, and I don’t know why some people find it so easy to hurt others. I know sometimes it isn’t meant, but it’s very hurtful nevertheless. How old is your son in eighth grade? Is that the same as our Year 8 (age 13)? Thinking of you lots. Much Love, Ellie xxx ❤

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