You Are My Creation-2


I welcome you to join me on my special journey through God’s word to find out how precious we are. I encourage you to read the verse below, put your name into the paraphrase and then after reading my words which I have heard God “speaking” to me, write what He has impressed upon your heart. Get out your journal. Let’s grow together.

“The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” Job 33:4

I made you ____________. My breath gives you life.

My Creation,

I have made you and have given you life. I made you with needs, shortcomings, desires, worries, and insecurities so that you would not depend on yourself. I made you to need me. You are unique and made with a purpose. I want you to draw closer to me, into a deeper relationship, and yes a closer dependence on me. I want to be your everything. In the beginning I filled you with my breath. Today and everyday, I fill you in every aspect of your life. Call on me your need-filler anytime you need help. Remember that I am the only one who can fill your needs or desires. If you look elsewhere for someone else, or something else to meet your needs, you will be left feeling empty. I alone can satisfy all of the needs of your heart.

I love you,

Your Need-Filler

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