You Are My Creation-3


I welcome you to join me on my special journey through God’s word to find out how precious we are. I encourage you to read the verse below, put your name into the paraphrase and then after reading my words which I have heard God “speaking” to me, write what He has impressed upon your heart. Get out your journal. Let’s grow together.

“You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings.” Psalms 8:5

I have made you ____________ a little lower than the angels.

My Creation,

I long to teach you how special you really are, to have you feel that importance even for just a moment. I want so bad to show you that that this sinful world was never meant to be your home. Instead, I made a beautiful world and Heaven for your playground. Everything had to be perfect for by beloved. I created the heavens, the angels, the Earth and then I designed you. You were my shining achievement. All of creation I spoke into existence, yet you were different, I molded you tenderly with my hands and crafted you with my thoughts. Each morning I smile at you, knowing how beautiful you are and how proud I am to know that you are mine. You are mine- chosen, accepted and priceless. Don’t ever let other people determine your worth. See yourself through my eyes each day and then you will truly know how special you are.

I love you,

Your Designer

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