January’s activities:  I will be adding a new activity each month. So check in.

*  Future pages do not appear on top menu. Sorry, I have not figured out how to make them show up there so that you can choose them quickly. Instead, you have to scroll down the page a bit. On the right hand side (about 6 side notes down) is a section called, MY PAGES, click on the month that we are in and you will see the current month’s activities.


Give a basket to every member of your family. Have them decorate it and make it their “own”. Whatever is out of place during the day will be picked up, placed in the respective owners’ baskets and put out of your way. At the end of the day everyone will be in charge of putting away their baskets, thus helping you not to have to constantly nag people to pick up their stuff. As the messes occur during the day you will be able to smile, reminded that tomorrow will be a clean slate. With God in the driver’s seat you can do the work, while letting Him do the worrying (Everyday a Holiday, by Silvana Clark p. 16).


When life spins out of control God expects us to simplify. Coming up with meals to feed our family can be quite stressful. The figuring out “what to feed” is often harder than the “how to get it on the table.” At the beginning of each month sit down with your family and make a list of meals for the month. Keep a list of ingredients that you’ll need to have on hand and post it on your refrigerator. (If you have a typed up grocery list of the ingredients you use each week/month posted on the refrigerator then all you will need to do is check or circle the ingredients needed). The more organized you can be, the less you will have to worry, and good meals in the tummy always make for happier people (Everyday a Holiday, by Silvana Clark p. 15).

There is a new activity each new month. To see this, or any other months activity scroll down the sidebar on the right and click on the month you want to see. Thanks, Meghan


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