Shards of Glass- Book Review

I have not finished this book yet, but I had to write something about it. C.W. Seymore tells her tragic childhood story of the abuses and neglect that she experienced as a child. My heart goes out to this woman as she shares her story. I’d like to say, “Bravo”, for being such a survivor and for speaking out against the injustices that happened to her. We are not meant to stay wounded, but to rise above our situations and be an overcoming force to change someone else’s life. This is what C.W. Seymore is doing. Thanks for sharing!

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I will NOT be silent about #Childhood #Abuse its time to Speak out!  Please read my journey:


Abused Women- Gracie


Another terrible, but wonderful account of a woman who faced abuse and walked away courageously. Gracie’s book is the newest book I want to read. You will see a review after I read it. Here is Gracie’s story:

Unflinching and Unveiled.




I can’t say enough about Exposed, by Shannon Deitz.  Exposed, shows one woman’s journey through a lifetime of abuse and how she found her strength in God. From a young child, it seems the devil had his eye on Shannon, but God had something to say about this. Raped two times, surrounded by a sex and drug scene, Shannon spiraled into a self-destructive lifestyle. Despite pulling away from her childhood faith, God pursued her, never letting Shannon go. Exposed shows us a God who loves us no matter where we go. It tells a story of hope and reminds us that our lives do not belong to us; we are children of a loving God. Go read it! I can’t wait for part two- Reedemed. Meghan

The Walking Wounded Website

This book is amazing! I picked it up and could not put it down until I knew Angel was safe. Through reading her story of manipulation, threats on her life, and God showed her how to break free I was captivated. I wanted to scream; I cried. Life is so unfair, yet out of these troubles walked a strong woman who helps thousands with her work. Please pick up this book. Then thank Angel for opening up her life, to save others from their darkness. Meghan The Walking Wounded Website.