40 Random Things About Me


40 Random Things About Me

  1. Been to 26 countries, 47 states, 3 U.S. Islands, 5 oceans and flew over the North Pole once.
  2. The bathroom is my favorite room in the house, and the only place I can get solitude (unless you count the banging on the door).
  3. I love old cemeteries.
  4. The only nuts I eat are peanuts (come to think of it peanuts aren’t nuts, they are legumes).
  5. I use to have a pony, notorious for running while farting and coming to an abrupt stop to eat grass when you are not expecting it…thus flying over his head.
  6. I’ve ridden a camel, an elephant and a donkey.
  7. I’ve been in an emergency airplane landing in Cuba, when we were on our way to Jamaica. Our plane’s engine was on fire while over the ocean. Needless to say, 2 hours later we were on the SAME plane continuing on our trip.
  8. I’ve seen a small plane do a loop and crash head first into the ocean about 200 feet from me. I was standing on the beach at Nantucket. We then got into our own little plane any flew home in the dense fog.
  9. I have a ticket to the Twin Towers observation deck in New York City, from the 80’s. I keep it to remind me that it could have been me.
  10. I worked for a $50+ millionaire’s family for a year. Learned about attitudes and feelings of entitlement.
  11. My Great Aunt fitted bra’s for celebs such as Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day at Lord n Taylor’s in NY City.
  12. My Grandfather stole a cow from a college dairy and tied it to a bell in the center of the campus.
  13. My Dad almost caused two countries to outbreak when he painted a Swiss flag on a French hillside.
  14. I’ve been chased by a bull while driving through Mexico in one of those old campers that sit on the back of a pick up truck. We we’re taking a “short cut” through some farmers field trying to find Poncho Villa’s home.
  15. I’ve driven across the US 5 times. Last time was in a 59 Chevy pickup with two dogs in the back, pulling my prelude. I forgot how many times we were broken down on the side of the road with Charlie’s legs sticking out from under the truck, while 18 wheelers blew past us.
  16. My prelude got run over by a excavator.
  17. A sauna makes good freezer waffles at 2am.
  18. I know it is weird, but I love it when dogs lick my toes.
  19. I’ve had cats, dogs, a horse, ducks, chickens, a squirrel, a raccoon, a ferret, parrakeets, a hedgehog, and a robin as pets.
  20. I’ve smuggled bibles in my suitcase into, well maybe I better not say. My letters to amnesty international people came back into my head.
  21. I’ve cut my hair off to give it to Locks of Love. The only time in my life my hair has been short. I felt naked.
  22. I’ve sang at Carnegie Hall, St. Bart’s Cathedral,St. Pat’s Cathedral,Lincoln Center, Notre Dame France, St. Martin’s of the Fields England, St. Marks Italy, Ely Cathedral (Rutter’s recording location), US Ambassador’s residence Tel Aviv, Greek Ambassadors residence in Egypt, US Embassy in Jordan, Grace Cathedral, Crystal Cathedral, Cape Town City Hall , Shanghai Conservatory, Hong Kong Conservatory, Beijing Media Center, Jerusalem Theater, Mechanics Hall and of course showers all over the world.
  23. I had a c-section with my 1st boy, he almost died (he’s my miracle baby), my second boy was v-back…my own miracle.
  24. I’ve been white water rafting in the Grand Canyon and horse back riding in Colorado for a week each.
  25. I have been bungee jumping and rodeo barrel racing.
  26. I love reading, knitting and gardening.
  27. I have been a year book editor twice.
  28. I was a cheerleader both in highschool and college.
  29. I lead out on historical tours to new students for my college’s orientation.
  30. In Egypt a man offered to buy me (marry him) for 12 camels.
  31. I have swam in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Mediterranean Oceans and the Dead Sea. I have touched the Jordan River, the Nile and the Sea of Galilee.
  32. I am an aspiring author and have already written three books.
  33. I attended a college in France, for a summer.
  34. I was a member of a drama team.
  35. I’ve lived in New England for 37 years of my life.
  36. I have my masters.
  37. I was asked to be the graduate assistant while I worked on my masters, and then when the secretary had surgery I took over the office management for a month while she recovered.
  38. My Grandfather died in a car accident because he didn’t have his seatbelt on. But the reason that he never wore one was because in WWII he almost died because he got stuck in his belt in his pilot’s seat, as the plane sunk in the ocean. Someone had to go back for him and cut him out with his own Swiss Army Knife.
  39. I was asked to take over a long term substitute teacher position, instead of taking my second semester classes my senior year in college.
  40. I’ve ridden in a helicopter, slept in a church when my car was stuck on a closed highway in Washington State and been to Paris, France three times and never up the Eiffel Tower.

So now you know me, or at least a bit. I am blessed to count you as my friend.



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