Why I Believe Halloween Is Jesus’ Birthday


Many of you may be shaking your head right now at my title. “What? Where did you come up with that nonsense?” You are saying this as you read my words. I know.  Well, give me a minute and hear me out and then you can come up with how you personally feel about this idea.

First of all, we as Christians traditionally celebrate Christmas, or the birth of Christ on December 25. (Crazy thing I just learned is that many Muslims celebrate the day too, just because it is fun, even though they leave Christ out of it.) Growing up, I was told that we really don’t know what day Christ was born, but that we’ve always celebrated it then. That is just the way it is. (For those of you interested, look at the many holidays around the world and see how many of them have a celebration of sorts around this time of year too.) I’ve been told that the day picked originally centered on a pagan holiday. I don’t know if this is true or not. Many people get stuck on this fact and it ruins the day for them. I am not worried about where the day came from, but I am interested in why we don’t know exactly which day He was born.

I figure that He didn’t want people to focus on the day like it was some hoopla. Instead he wanted everyone to look to Him. He wants us not to think so much at His birth, but why He came…to save us. So we celebrate His day anyway. It is good to worship and show our appreciation.

This is what I know..Jesus was born when the sheep were on the hillside (says so in matthew). This was usually in the spring and the fall. Jesus was born during the time of a census. History shows that there was a census taken in the fall around the time that Jesus would have been born. We also know that Jesus died when He was 33 and 1/2. Since there is proof that Jesus died in the spring around the time of Easter then we know that he must have been born in the fall, a half year before plus 33 years.

Ok so it could be anytime in the fall you say. Yes. But if you were Satan what would you want to do with Jesus’ birthday. Remember he was around and he knows exactly which day it is. So what would you do? You would want to make it the worst, most evil day of the year. What day is that? Halloween!

Halloween is known for violence, death, evil. Our kids dress up in horrible costumes and we snap photos and say, “Oh, how cute.” Satan is laughing because the world is throwing their love of darkness into Jesus’ face, on what might be the most special day in the year.

Who knows if this is true or not? Guess we will have to ask when we get to Heaven. But till then I believe that Jesus was born on Halloween. If it is true, what are you going to do about it? How does this change the way your kids and you celebrate it? Please don’t stop celebrating it. Instead, go forth as missionaries and tell the world to say Happy Birthday to the real master of the day.

Please let me know what you think. Pass this around to others. This is ground shattering stuff. Stay tuned to my blog. This week I am going to let you know how me and my children celebrate this special day. Meghan

Romans 12:21 “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

21 thoughts on “Why I Believe Halloween Is Jesus’ Birthday

  1. Hello my friend,
    Very believable point and who knows is right. I’ll have to ask when I get there.You deductive reasoning makes sense, it’s a day we always celebrated. Who came up with Christmas day? No clue, not sure when we even started celebrating. I know for sure he died for our sins and on the third days walked the earth. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  2. We don’t celebrate Halloween in our country but you present a good case. We have been taught about strong days and the importance of them from our pastors so I think you have a point. Right now in the world Halloween is considered a strong day for the enemy, but what if it was a strong day for Christians? A day we could declare light and blessing? A day we would need to take back by changing how we celebrate it and changing how people view it?? That is something to think about…..thanks for sharing Meghan.

  3. Hi Meghan. Thanks for sharing such a thought-provoking and fascinating subject. I really enjoyed reading it; was quite enthralled in fact! It’s certainly given me something intriguing to think about this halloween. I usually detest halloween because of it’s connections with evil but you have a really interesting view and put a whole new slant on this day As you say, we’ll never know for sure until we meet our Lord and can ask Him ourselves. Thanks again. I will reblog this on elliesofia and let you know what further responses I get too, ellie xxx 🙂

    • Hi Ellie, I am so glad that you enjoyed these thoughts and thank you so much for reblogging them so that others may know them too. We can take what usually is an evil day and turn it around to be a day to celebrate Christ. I enjoy chatting with you each time we talk. Just wanted to let you know that I smile when I see your name across my screen. Hugs Meghan

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  5. What a beautiful thing to say, Meghan….you have made my day! 🙂 I enjoy chatting with you too and value your opinions. The post I am writing at the moment is a bit dark but once I’ve got that out of my system, I intend to write one about my favourite ‘magical’ (at least in my mind), things that make me happy! Hugs, Ellie xxx 🙂 ❤

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  7. You are right !!!! Many things in the bible is overlook . Like African selling Jews during slave trade , whom are now called African American . Christ blend in with African those lost yrs everyone is looking for. Christ will never return be cause the true Jew do not even know they are Jew . Reason why America is the land of milk and honey , because Jew were slaves and to taken by force to America God people . Until African American realize the are Jews and go back the motherland Christ will not return. Please read act chapter 5 verse 30. Peter say Christ was hung on a tree. Now the question should be what is the origin of slave hangings? The bible Christ carry a cross which later they nail him too . That’s insane I can’t a man who lift a 6 ft tree stump . Which cancel out the Easter Sunday . Jews/African American were the only slaves. I accept Christ is my Lord and save your . I can get more deeper , after some one my question.

  8. Hello!!!
    I am Pastor John Michael Stewart, New Hope Pentecostal Church. This morning I was laying in bed with my wife and I began to plan out when I’m going to put up my tree and all our decorations on Halloween. You see last year I believe the Lord showed me the EXACT same thing that you were given 4 yeas ago. And I was so loved by it that I preached about it and told the church next year I’m putting up my Christmas tree and lights up on Halloween!

    So to answer your question, this is how I reacted to the revelation. This morning my wife was a little irritated at the idea and we fussed about a little. I mentioned to her that I don’t believe that I was the only one in the world to have received this revelation from God. So my wife said google it. Your article was the first and only mention of it AND IT MADE MY DAY!!!!

    I know that your post was 4 years ago but if you receive this message please let me know! Reply, e-mail, or even call. I would love to hear from you!

    Pastor John and Amy Stewart


  9. I think this too. It always comes to the forefront of my mind and spirit this time of year. Right, we don’t know for sure but I will make an extra effort to celebrate Jesus’ birth this 31st. Good writing. Thank you.

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  11. Jesus totally placed these same concepts into my mind!! …and the truth of the Sabbath ,, Friday eve to Saturday Eve.. Ex 20:8-11..those who see the word and believe will be blessed (maybe not in the worldly ways..but spiritual blessings are amazing and forever!)!

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