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hopepict My Name is Meghan Vandusen-

I am a talented, beautiful, funny woman who has reached the American dream in many peoples eyes, yet I live with a terrible secret, I live with an emotionally abusive man. I choose to stay in my marriage, while working on me. I cannot change Charlie. I can only change me. Some days are good and some are disasters. I lean on God to help me through those valleys. I am not alone.

I am from the east coast of the USA. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I still live with my emotional abuser, but I have learned that I have the right to set out boundaries and stand up for myself. My wish is to be a voice for those who haven’t found theirs yet, and to encourage others to find strength to stand up for themselves for they matter. If anyone has a story about living in abuse, now or in the past and would like to share it email me at:

or come visit me in my blog at or of course you can share the story on facebook at:
 I am particularly interested in your stories of survival, but all stories are welcome. You have a voice. Meghan

4 thoughts on “Contact Finding Hopes Ministry

  1. Hi Meghan, Me again……I read this in a book alittle while ago. This might help??? Depression often signals that you are desperately clinging to a goal you have little or no chance of achieving. WOW! Something to think about, right Miss you, thinging of you. Misty

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