February’s Activities



When life seems barren of joy bring water to your parched land, watching the tiny sprouts begin to spread their shoots. Words of encouragement can be this life restoring water. Encourage your whole family to be involved with this one, write down random acts of kindness that you see in your family, each on its own strip of paper. Fold each slip of paper over and tape them together to make a chain of kindness. See how far you can make your chain of kindness reach (Clark p. 53).


Bringing sweetness to your own life is just a few steps away. Since Valentine’s Day happens this month filled your life with sweets. Go crazy and make a candy pizza. Roll out sugar cookie dough in a circle and bake. When cooled, frost with frosting. Decorate it with whatever sweets strike your fancy. Get creative and then eat. Yummy (Clark p. 68)!

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