Everything is possible for God.


It is not from God

He always loves.

God loves you despite your mood or outlook.

The road keeps going.

It is not the end, but a bend.

Trust God!

There is enough to deal with today. Trust God with the rest.

Changes bring blessings.

You can handle it.

chestnut tree

This chestnut tree reminds me of God’s big love.


God loves you completely.

He Can!

Leave it in God’s hands.

Find you

Find your joy today!

He loves you.

Devote your life to the one that matters.


I am there to help you.

He meets us where we are.

We don’t have to understand just take his hand.


Keep hoping


You are a hug away.


His hugs are the best.


The love from the cross turns our lives around.

He understands

I have this one on my fridge. He loves the little girl inside me.

God is faithful

Keep believing.

Keep going.

Mistakes are part of life, embrace them.

Keep going.

You are never too broken to keep going.

God is there.

God will not fail you.

God is in control

But loved by the one who is.

He loves the word.

Everything is possible with God.

God knows.

We don’t know now, but He does.

Bounce forward

Let your past be your springboard.


Do not be afraid to shine.


This one speaks to me.

God can!

God can turn your life around.

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